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San Jose, California, United States
Company Overview
Altierre Corp. is a leader in proven technology that delivers the promise of the Internet of Things.
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Products and Services

Amina LCD Labels

Anima ePaper Electronic Shelf Labels are LCD labels that enable on-screen animation and multiple updates per day. Anima labels have been used for 8 years as part of the largest global deployment of graphical tags and in a chain-wide rollout in the US (the only chain-wide deployment to date). Anima labels create engaging experiences with the shopper and are widely used for promotional messages and gamification as well as simply to grab the shopper’s attention at the point of decision.
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Clara ePaperlabels

Clara ePaperlabels are ePaper Electronic Shelf Labels. Clara ePaperlabels offer the most clear and visible display which can be viewed from 30 degree angles and seen clearly by the shopper. Connected by Altierre’s light spectrum wireless protocol, the labels can be updated multiple times each day and under normal usage conditions (3 screen changes per day), batteries typically last for up to five years. Altierre’s light spectrum wireless protocol uses less energy because of its time intelligent, channel hopping architecture and leverages the ESL infrastructure as a key component of the connected store, enabling retailers to connect directly with their customers at the point of decision.
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Spectra is a wireless bi-directional IoT platform that operates seamlessly in every business environment. Altierre's proprietary intelligent channel hopping technology, limited data synchronization requirement, and narrow transmission signal eliminate interference issues. The dynamic bi-directional platform transmits and receives data leveraging more than 1,000 guaranteed time slots. Static protocols, in comparison, are limited to seven guaranteed time slots, plus an addition nine “contentious,” or shared slots, for transmitting data. The platform also provides unlimited scalability. A single Altierre access point can manage up to 50,000 sq ft, and the system can be expanded to include a million or more sensors. Companies can expand their IoT deployments to whatever degree and speed best meets ongoing expansion needs and desire to reap additional benefits.
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