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Singapore, Singapore
Company Overview
AntWorks is a global artificial intelligence and intelligent automation company, creating new possibilities with data through digitisation, automation and enterprise intelligence.
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Products and Services

ANTstein Square

ANTstein Square is a fullstack, integrated automation platform (IAP) that enables you to address complex automation opportunities and scale across the enterprise.
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Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR) Plus

Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR) Plus is a self-learning product that digitises and understands all data types. CMR Plus combines AI technologies like Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Vision, and Machine Learning (ML) to pre-process, classify, extract, and validate all data types.
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Process Discovery

Process Discovery from Antworks allows users to identify high-value automation opportunities, analyse user productivity gaps and optimise every process to maximise business efficiency. Process Discovery helps you discover the fastest route to process automation success.
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QueenBOT RPA is a robot process automation solution. Build, operate and manage your digital workforce effectively and with ease.
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