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New York City, New York, United States
Company Overview
Archive360 is the industry standard for providing trouble-free, scalable, and defensible solutions for archive migrations. Whether migrating data to a new on-premise archive or into a cloud platform such as Office 365, their solutions are designed from the ground up to effectively deal with the technical complexities and legal/regulatory challenges faced when migrating massive volumes of corporate data.
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Products and Services


Eliminate the cost and complexity inherent with traditional backup and on premise archiving solutions and transform your information into a data-rich source of business intelligence. With Archive2Azure, the industry’s leading open-standard, intelligent enterprise archiving solution built on Azure Services, you’re able to eliminate vendor lock-in and maintain control over all your corporate information while leveraging the cloud to reduce your on premise information management and storage costs by as much as 90%.
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FastCollect for Archives

Whether you’re upgrading your on premise, legacy information archive to a new one, or migrating your data to the cloud, FastCollect for Archives makes it possible to quickly achieve accurate, efficient and secure data migrations. Designed to tightly integrate with your existing archive storage solution, FastCollect operates at the object-level to collect and move all your archived information, including metadata and stubs—so you’re able to seamlessly migrate in a matter of hours, not weeks or months.
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FastCollect for File Server

Migrate your file server content regardless of format, location, size, type, utilization or owner, and retain all of the metadata in a legally defensible manner without risking legal or regulatory compliance issues with FastCollect for File Server. Designed to support your data migration needs, the scalable FastCollect for File Server application enables you to quickly and effortlessly migrate any or all file share content to the Microsoft Cloud—Azure or Office 365—while ensuring data integrity, legal defensibility, and security by retaining all metadata, access controls, and permissions.
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