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Geneva, Switzerland
Company Overview
Arketiks provides a suite of software to create interactive e-learning and promotional videos, quizes, and a platform to publish e-learning trainings online.
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Products and Services

Arketiks Learn

Arketiks Learn is a simple and turnkey training platform. It is a complete learning platform that allows you to editing training courses, manage learner access, measure learner success, and more.
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Arketiks Motion

Arketiks Motion lets you create interactive content from simple videos. Enrich and complete your training video content with interactive content. By adding content such as text, images or videos, you give yourself the opportunity to deepen the concepts taught.
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Arketiks Quiz

Arketiks Quiz is an easy-to-use quiz maker that helps you create your quizzes with a focus on the content, not the tool. Write your questions directly on Arketiks Quiz, define the parameters of your quizzes (feedback, duration, random questions, etc.), and edit your quiz in SCORM format to put it on your platform (LMS).
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