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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Company Overview
Aware360 is a leading the PeopleIoT movement with solutions which helps hundreds of businesses become more efficient, increase revenue and keep their people safe.
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Products and Services


iDriveAware is a driver behavior and safety solution. It provides real-time proactive alerts to reduce risky driving behavior through a low-cost, software based solution.
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SafetyAware is a complete employee safety solution. To improve the safety of employees, Aware360 connects workers to professional response center agents who provide the right type of assistance should an incident occur.
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Student Safety

Aware360 Student Safety is an affordable solution to ensure students are safe no matter where they are, on and off campus. To ensure safety for all students, Aware360 provides wearable technology to make it easy to connect with campus security or first responders, at the touch of a button. With a discrete design, and silent SOS alert these wearables ensure any call for help will go unnoticed by potential assailants.
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