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Venlo, Limburg, Netherlands
Company Overview
AXtension enhances the Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 platforms with comprehensive, future safe solutions.
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Products and Services

AXtension Content Gate

AXtension® Content Gate is the ideal cloud-based solution for managing content related to your business process. Connect your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment with AXtension® Content Gate and start creating your single point-of-truth for all content in your organization.
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AXtension Enterprise Content Management

AXtension® Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a Microsoft Dynamics AX add-on that allows you to manage documents using the advantages of both SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics AX. AXtension® Enterprise Content Management integrates the power of Microsoft SharePoint in AX to provide a vital link to all of your documents. You can dynamically gather all of the documents that are produced during any of your business processes and which are necessary for an optimal job execution. A dynamic dossier containing all communications, drawings and other documents is transferred to the related record in Microsoft Dynamics AX and can be presented from multiple perspectives. You can also manage potential security issues by ensuring that only specific resources can access any specific dossier.
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AXtension Invoice Processing

You too can process invoices at least 50% faster without having to make major investments. And as you can implement this within three working days, you can start working and saving money right away. AXtension® Invoice Processing makes this possible. Accounts payable invoice processing with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 has never felt more comfortable.
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AXtension Kitting

Kitting with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 has never felt more comfortable. If kitting is a day to day operation in your organization, AXtension Kitting will help you complete this process efficiently in Microsoft Dynamics. Enhancing the process of selling separate items as one single unit efficiently will significantly increase your companies’ profitability and allow you to optimize your Microsoft Dynamics platform.
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AXtension Project Cost Control

AXtension® Project Cost Control is a powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 add-on that enables Project Managers and Controllers to see the budget, cost registrations, project progress and estimates at a single glance, in one dashboard with drilldown capabilities. Project reporting is now a much easier and more efficient task. During the entire lifecycle of your projects you will have direct insight into how the actuals relate to the project budget. AXtension® Project Cost Control provides real insight and offers the opportunity and ability to act quickly and make changes as and when necessary. This allows you to be truly in control during the entire project lifecycle and able to make much better management decisions that immediately result in better business results and more satisfied customers.
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AXtension Visual Planning for Projects

Visual Planning for Projects creates a single point of truth for all projects individually or as a program linked to each other. AXtension® Visual Planning for Projects enables you to accurately manage more projects in less time and allows you to maximize the use of available resources. See the direct impact of project changes on Purchasing, Human Capital, Production Orders and/or Budget so you can spend your valuable time to things that really add value to the organization.
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