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Madrid, Spain
Company Overview
Founded in 2008 in Madrid, Bebanjo builds tools for managing video on demand. Bebanjo was acquired by TDF Group in 2011.
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Products and Services


Metadata ensures all metadata is correct for each target platform before publishing. It's a user-friendly alternative to complex XML specs, enabling VoD providers to write metadata once and publish it to multiple VoD platform with one click.
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Movida is rights management and VoD scheduling software. It's a drag-and-drop solution designed to manage rights for multiple platforms, business models, devices and territories, and validate all content -- films, series, sports, etc.
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Sequence is workflow optimization software purpose built for the Video On Demand (VOD) providers. Keep track of upcoming work, see what is running late, what is already done and who is working on what. The tool keeps track of every workflow detail and lets teams focus on getting content out to any screen. Sequence is powered by Mediamorph.
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