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Seattle, Washington, United States
Company Overview
BevyUp empowers sales associates with unique tools and insights that put the focus back on the customer. Our technology enables them to create meaningful relationships that drive improved business results. We use innovative technology to deliver immersive, customer-oriented shopping experiences that evoke the familiar small-town relationships of decades past. Our expanding range of features is always aimed at creating a better customer experience while at the same time providing additional revenue opportunities and useful insights for sales associates.
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Products and Services

BevyUp 1:1

BevyUp 1 : 1 provides a seamless shopping experience in stores, on mobile, or online that helps customers better engage with your brand in every channel. Sales associates go wherever your customers go, whether they are in stores or on their phones.
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BevyUp 1:Many

BevyUp 1 : Many allows associates to create pages right on your website where they field questions, give product advice and recomendations in real time, and bring customers into stores. Now your sales associates have more ways to build their clientele and drive revenue.
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