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Bevywise Networks Inc

Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India
Company Overview
Bevywise Networks is a privately-held IoT company that has been started with an objective to create the next generation IoT Frameworks and tools that enable communication between the different components in the connected world. It is an end to end product & solution provider for all IoT / IIoT requirements. Bevywise develop device agents, MQTT brokers that collects devices status & communicates between devices, client software's & hardware's to add intelligence for analysing & interpreting data and simulator to test & demo devices. In addition to the Frameworks.
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Products and Services

Bevywise IoT Dashboard

IoT Client Dashboard is the Live Dashboard companion to visualize numeric and text data of your real time devices connected to AWS IoT to understand the data easily and to take quick actions. Real-time, interactive dashboards can be built with dynamic, easy to create widgets in minutes to have powerful visualizations of IoT Data and monitor devices. IoT Dashboard currently provides 8 pre-built widgets such as Text, Colour, Line Chart, Bar Chart, Gauge chart, Horizontal Gauge, Vertical Gauge, LED Light. The Widgets capture changes in real-time data non-intrusively and helps in analysing data-in-motion in order to respond to time-sensitive operational events. These pre-configured widgets are scalable & flexible to fit all your deployments and for your diversified use cases.
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Bevywise IoT Simulator

Bevywise IoT simulator is a lucid data simulation tool that helps you test your cloud & on premise MQTT Application and provides complete functional & Load testing. You can create your own IoT virtual device with much ease and simulate various scenarios needed for developing, testing and demonstrating real-time devices and managers. IoT simulator provides a much faster IoT simulation that helps you create tens of thousands of unique devices in a minute. You can Develop, test & demo your IoT Servers & managers, MQTT clients, MQTT Sensors & MQTT Devices. This handy IoT simulation tool provides advance python MQTT simulation for extendability to implement your own algorithm.
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Bevywise MQTTRoute is a complete IoT Application suite with an inbuilt MQTT Broker. MQTTRoute is a perfect middleware for secure MQTT cloud & on-premise deployment. It is the most affordable & fastest MQTT Broker to be used for collecting data from IoT edge devices & store & analyze it the way you need. Built on C & Python, MQTT Broker works with all standard MQTT clients and can readily manage & control your devices & will help you work on your core business challenge. MQTTRoute helps you build powerful IoT / IIoT applications using a custom dashboard with widgets & charts, custom storage configuration with your own ML / AI algorithms.
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