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San Francisco, California, United States
Company Overview
Boomtrain has developed an advanced, artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning engine for personalizing the customer journey across all channels. By gathering deep insights and delivering predictive analytics about website visitors, Boomtrain helps marketers to provide personalized emails, content and mobile communications.
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Products and Services

Boomtrain Marketing Engine

Boomtrain is an AI-driven omnichannel marketing platform designed to empower marketing teams to deliver personalized customer experiences. Boomtrain machine learning facilitates deep insights about your customers and provides predictive recommendations. Deliver better, more relevant experiences to your website visitors, through personalized emails, and across every mobile channel.
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Boomtrain Messenger

Boomtrain Messenger is a powerful web and mobile messenger platform that empowers companies to keep customers engaged with real-time, relevant content and conversations based upon past behavior.
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