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Warsaw, Poland
Company Overview
CHROBRUS's Saas innovations have the courage to meet your needs.
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Products and Services

Calamari Clockin

Clock-in and Clock-out with Calamari. This innovation does not require any action from your employee. Track time with iBeacon technology, QR code scanner and other useful clocking methods.
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Calamari Leave

Calamari is an online time-off manager which allows you to automate PTO calculation and helps to manage holidays in your company.
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JIRA Agile Clock

Jira Agile Clock is a timing tool that supports all types of Scrum meetings. Agile Clock allows you to manage and monitor scrum timeboxes. Jira Agile Clock works with JIRA Agile plugin and displays a useful clock on the board during the whole meeting. Agile Teams and Scrum Masters can manage their time in more efficient way. Jira Agile Clock has one simple configuration, one simple start button. Managers can configure proper meeting time according to scrum guidelines.
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