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Warsaw, Poland
Company Overview
CHROBRUS's Saas innovations have the courage to meet your needs.
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Products and Services

Calamari Clockin

Clock-in and Clock-out with Calamari. This innovation does not require any action from your employee. Track time with iBeacon technology, QR code scanner and other useful clocking methods.
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Calamari Leave

Calamari is an online time-off manager which allows you to automate PTO calculation and helps to manage holidays in your company.
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JIRA Agile Clock

Jira Agile Clock is a timing tool that supports all types of Scrum meetings, allowing users to manage and monitor Scrum timeboxes. Jira Agile Clock works with the JIRA Agile plugin and displays a useful clock on the board during the whole meeting. With Jira Agile Clock, Agile Teams and Scrum Masters can manage their time in a more efficient way.
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