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Clearpath Robotics

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Company Overview
Clearpath Robotics is a global leader in unmanned vehicle robotics for research and development, and provides hardware, software and services to enable self-driving vehicle development, deployment, and operation.
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Products and Services

Autonomy Research Kit

The Autonomy Research Kit (ARK) is an all-in-one autonomy kit that enables robust point-to-point autonomous navigation of mobile robots. The kit provides advanced software with a powerful processor and sensor suite, and integrates seamlessly with Clearpath mobile robotic development platforms. Designed for researchers in academia and corporate R&D, ARK is ROS ready and fully extensible with a well documented developer API.
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GPS Waypoint Navigation Package

The GPS Waypoint Navigation Package is a hardware and software kit that allows users to select a GPS waypoint or series of waypoints from a workstation, and direct a robot to autonomously travel between the points, with support for obstacle detection. The kit is designed for academic and corporate researchers, and includes GPS sensors, waypoint setting and command software, operator control unit, and support for lidar and obstacle detection.
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Manipulator Teleoperation Package

The Manipulator Teleoperation Package is a teleoperation kit designed for researchers and application development. The kit provides the required hardware and software to control a mobile robot and an integrated industrial manipulator remotely via a wireless control unit, with live camera feeds of the workspace.
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Teleoperation Software Package

The Teleoperation Software Package is a hardware and software kit that enables live camera and other sensor data feeds to a local or remote operator. The kit provides a best in class sensor suite, and is designed to integrate with Clearpath Robotics outdoor unmanned vehicles. Designed for research and application development, the Teleoperation package provides a low barrier to entry for your team’s transition into remote survey and inspection.
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Visual Teach and Repeat Package

The Visual Teach and Repeat (VT&R) Package is a vision-based outdoor navigation package designed for research and application development. The kit enables a robot to be taught an outdoor path, and then reliably and accurately repeat that path in environments using only a stereo camera. VT&R is capable of navigating GPS-denied environments and can handle a degree of changing lighting or weather conditions.
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