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Palo Alto, California, United States
Company Overview
ClearstoneIP is a California-based company specializing in product clearance, freedom to operate, and patent infringement searches. ClearstoneIP was founded by a team of forward-thinking patent attorneys and software developers who believe that barriers to innovation can be overcome with innovation itself. The Silicon Valley company provides industry leaders and innovators with a truly revolutionary platform for conducting claims-based patent searching as opposed to description-based patent searching.
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Products and Services

Clearstone FTO

Clearstone FTO is a web-based platform designed specifically for managing the freedom-to-operate process from end to end. Built by patent attorneys and guided by IP industry leaders, the application brings efficiency and direction to a process sorely in need. The old ways of trying to make sense of dozens of spreadsheets in disparate locations and legacy database systems are no more. Clearstone FTO is everything in one place, intuitive and comprehensive analysis capture, always accessible, and much more. From task hand-offs, approvals, and alerts to integrated team messaging, the platform is a single destination for efficient and informed freedom-to-operate investigations. No spreadsheets needed.
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