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Makati City, Manila, Philippines
Company Overview
CloudSwyft offers a platform that enables companies create and manage IT training, assessment, and development environments without the need to purchase and manually setup hardware and software tools. The cloud-based platform has been designed to provide on-demand virtual environments to deliver hands-on workspace for recruitment assessments, on-going training, quality testing and development tasks.
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Products and Services


Cloud Labs Workspace allows you to manage and deploy cloud lab environments. You can automate, integrate, manage and centrally deploy various types of cloud-based lab environments such as virtual machines, online IDEs and web platforms on the fly for IT Trainings.
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Custom Cloud LMS Platform

With Cloudswyft's Custom Cloud LMS Platform, you can create course content and assessments on-demand. Empower your corporate workforce, customers and partners with cloud-based training materials, processes, on-boarding, product lessons and learning modules.
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