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Ottawa, Canada
Company Overview
ConceptShare is a business intelligence platform for creatives that helps manage, organize and optimize creative operations.
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ConceptShare streamlines the review and approval phase of creative production. The solution integrates online proofing with workflow automation to reduce the time and effort of approvals on text, image, audio, video files, web pages and HTML5 animation files.
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A Brand New, Rebuilt Proofing Workspace

For the last few months, we focused on building a faster, more efficient, creative review process - a process that results in faster project approvals to meet deadlines and increase productivity.

ConceptShare Helps Agencies & Advertisers With Shift from Flash to HTML5

Working closely with customers like Prodigious, we recognized that agencies and in-house creative teams need to be able to upload, share, and get feedback on HTML5 files. Today we are thrilled to announce that we’ve included HTML5 file support in our latest release.

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