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St. Augustine, Florida, United States
Company Overview
Confluent specializes in complex business process automation and workforce mobilization. With custom industry-specific solutions and ongoing support, they help customers worldwide achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and cost optimization.
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Products and Services

Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud is a fully-managed streaming data service based on open-source Apache Kafka. Engineers who want to build streaming applications can easily get started with a fully-built Kafka cluster and related services. Deployable in minutes, it is the ideal service for applications that require very low latency and the ability to scale.
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Confluent Platform

Confluent Platform improves Apache Kafka by expanding its integration capabilities, adding tools to optimize and manage Kafka clusters, and methods to ensure the streams are secure. Confluent Platform makes Kafka easier to build and easier to operate. Confluent Open Source is freely downloadable, while Confluent Enterprise is available through subscription.
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Go Onboarding

Confluent’s trademarked Go Onboarding app is a unique hands-on adventure that frees up HR resources and delivers consistent, memorable onboarding experiences for new employees. Organizations with large corporate campuses can struggle to create unique, consistent onboarding experiences that introduce new employees to facilities, departments, and an innovative company culture — all without tying up valuable (and often limited) HR resources. Similar to popular location-based augmented reality games, Go Onboarding by Confluent offers a new hire experience like no other. It’s fun, exciting, effective, and essentially two apps in one. On the HR Admin side, the process starts by setting up an Onboarding Adventure. Using a mobile device, an HR representative tags as many points (or locations) as necessary for a complete onboarding experience, including specific information — like where to pick up your laptop — and general directions to each point. With access to the active directory in PowerApps, admins can assign individual or group adventures, as well as time limits per point to keep things on track. On the employee side, new hires will receive a company email address and password, download PowerApps on their phone, and then open the Go Onboarding app. The app will list any open adventures assigned by HR. Employees click Start My Adventure, follow directions to different points in their customized adventure, and search for tokens using the camera on their phone.
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