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San Francisco, California, United States
Company Overview
ConvoSpark is a premium event technology company that offers software and services solutions to event organizers.
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Products and Services

Event Registration

ConvoSpark Event Registration offers front end online registration forms with customization, flexibility, and complete branding. Their admin offers the most flexible and powerful sorting, reporting, and exporting options possible.
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Exhibitor Resource Center

ConvoSpark's Exhibitor Resource Center provides each of your exhibitors with their own customized portal. This means every exhibitor will only see information relevant to their purchase for your event. Within a simple, branded, and easy to use portal, your exhibitors can now get all the answers to their endless questions. Plus, they’ll have access to an intuitive task list with explicit instructions on when each deliverable is due and how to submit it directly through the portal.
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Interactive Floor Plan

ConvoSpark's Interactive Floor Plan turns your floor plan PDFs into beautiful, interactive floor plans that you can update in real time.
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Mobile Event Apps

ConvoSpark's Mobile Event Apps have a built in social network that will allow your attendees to connect in a whole new way. Get them networking pre-event, meeting on-site and leave the conference feeling more connected and educated than ever before
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Mobile Lead Scanning

Get rid of the old school and expensive badge scanning hardware and move into the more cost effective and efficient method of mobile scanning that exhibitors come to expect. With the simple download of an app, exhibitors can seamlessly scan leads with their own mobile device. Furthermore, exhibitors receive their leads instantly and in real time, and can export them any time they want. Exhibitors can also have unlimited number of scanning devices per booth thanks to the app.
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