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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Company Overview
COSY technology enables robots to navigate retail store floors, managing inventory, ensuring planogram and promotional compliance. COSY will also map stores including layout and architecture. And that's only the beginning... COSY’s “beacon-free” technology provides indoor localization and turn-by-turn navigation in environments with no GPS — like indoors. This back-end technology can be used to enable augmented reality interfaces, audio-based navigation aids for the blind, and even mobile drones.
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Products and Services


SCOUT improves your inventory management. Accurate, comprehensive store surveys that provide consistent shelf accuracy to help you minimize stock-outs, increase planogram compliance, and liberate your employees for customer service activities. Cut cost with minimal effort: Reduce out-of-stocks that cost retailers $400 billion annually; Automatic product scanning and mapping with no setup; Handle everything in the cloud.
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