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Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Company Overview
Based in Boston and founded in 2007, Curata provides Content Marketing software that enables marketers to drive web traffic by curating content on specific issues and topics in order to establish thought leadership in industry conversations.
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Products and Services

Curata CMP

Curata CMP is a powerful, flexible, user-friendly platform designed to execute a predictable content supply chain. With Curata CMP, marketers can compile data-driven insights about content performance, leading to planning and execution of smarter content campaigns across contributors channels and timelines.
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Curata Curation Software

Curata defines Content Curation as "The process of an individual (or team) consistently finding, organizing, annotating (contextualizing) and sharing the most relevant and highest quality content on a specific topic for a target market." Curata's self-learning Content Curation engine is designed to easily organize, annotate, contextualize, publish and promote relevant, topical content anytime and anywhere.
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