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Data Ladder

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Company Overview
Data Ladder is a data quality software company dedicated to helping business users get the most out of their data through data matching, profiling, deduplication, and enrichment tools. Whether it’s matching millions of records through our fuzzy matching algorithms, or transforming complex product data through semantic technology, Data Ladder’s data quality tools provide a superior level of service unmatched in the industry.
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Products and Services

Data Ladder ProductMatch

ProductMatch is a best-in-class Semantic Technology solution designed to recognize and transform complex & unstructured data. Find and define hierarchical relationships, streamline & automate your product match. A user-friendly comprehensive dashboard gives you the ability to manage multiple projects, with multiple administrators, and the ability to import/export the entire project any time.
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Data Match

Data Match is a data cleansing software toolkit. Data Match cleans your mailing lists, CRM, excel spreadsheets and other data sets. Quickly and accurately deduplicate your data with advanced technology previously available only in high end customized software solutions.
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