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New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
Datadog provides cloud-scale monitoring and security for metrics, traces and logs in one unified platform.
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Products and Services

Data Streams Monitoring

Data Streams Monitoring automatically visualizes all interdependencies and key health metrics across all streaming data pipelines to help organizations prevent and troubleshoot latency and downtime.
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Datadog is a monitoring and security platform for cloud applications. It brings together data from servers, containers, databases, and third-party services to make your stack entirely observable. These capabilities help DevOps teams avoid downtime, resolve performance issues, and ensure customers are getting the best user experience. Application Vulnerability Management helps teams detect and prioritize security issues based on production information and its potential impact to the business.
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Datadog Cloud Cost Management

Datadog Cloud Cost Management provides you granular visibility into costs across all of your cloud resources from the same observability platform your engineering teams already use. Datadog automatically surfaces changes in your cloud costs and visualizes cost data alongside the rest of your metrics, traces, logs, and other telemetry, making it easy to find and fix cost inefficiencies.
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