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New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
eDataSource is a competitive intelligence company featuring technology designed especially for email marketing, social media and eCommerce activity, based on real-time monitoring of 1 million active consumer inboxes and nearly 10,000 brands.
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Products and Services

Competitive Tracker

Competitive Tracker is a web-based tool for in-depth competitive email information and analysis. The solution allows users to identify competitor targeting tactics by viewing their varying content and offer variations, showing who is doing what, and who is working with whom.
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Design Tracker

Design Tracker allows email marketers to see creative rendered in a wide range of desktop, mobile and web templates. Design Tracker also provides SPAM check, subject line check and link check. It offers marketers access to testing, competitive benchmarking and post-deployment monitoring in a single application.
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Inbox Tracker

Inbox Tracker is an email marketing solution that monitors any fluctuations in inbox placement by email campaign or IP address. The solution confirms message delivery or identifies potential problems so that marketers can react immediately to any fluctuation in inbox delivery rates.
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