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McLean, Virginia, United States
Company Overview
eJeeva is an innovative technology-focused company that helps manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers share and manage their rich product content. Using eJeeva solutions, clients can improve inefficiencies and reduce costs leveraging fully integrated Catalog Management, B2B and B2C Commerce and Product Information Management (PIM) technologies.
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Products and Services

eJeeva Central

eJeeva Central is a Product Information Management (PIM) solution that helps manufacturers, distributors and retailers to store, manage and publish product data from a central repository.
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eJeeva Commerce

eJeeva Commerce is a component-based eCommerce website builder enabling customers to easily find desired products, learn about new products, comparison shop, pre-order products, redeem coupons and easily complete their purchases.
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eJeeva Dealer Portal

eJeeva Dealer Portal is a specialized eCommerce portal for wholesale distributors. Product content, images and brochures are accessible to product dealers around the clock. It links distributors to their product dealers by creating “virtual storefronts,” easily launched dealer-branded eCommerce websites.
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