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Oslo, Norway, Norway
Company Overview
Escenic AS is a provider of online publishing solutions based on the Escenic Content Engine, a high-performance content management and delivery system, and Widget Framework, a powerful toolset for building modular websites for all platforms.
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Products and Services

Escenic Content Engine

Based on JEE and SQL technology, the Escenic Content Engine provides a fast, reliable, extremely scalable and fully configurable repository for all online content. It provides a flexible data model based on content types. Every content item (text articles, images, videos, sound clips and so on) is based on a user-defined content type that determines its structure.
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Escenic Content Studio

Content Studio is a client application that communicates with the Escenic Content Engine via a robust, fault-tolerant REST API. Together with the Content Engine It provides not just editing capabilities, but a complete collaborative production environment that encompasses content creation, editing, and publishing. Content Studio offers a complete editorial solution for modern multimedia web sites. With the Video plug-in installed, Content Studio can handle not only text and image content, but also video and sound.
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