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Hainan, Hainan Province, China
Company Overview
ExtendOffice develops Kutools, a downloadable software platform featuring add-ins and extensions to simplify and automate the components in Microsoft Office and Office 365. ExtendOffice is a sister company to AddInTools, both operated under parent company Detong Technology.
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Products and Services

Kutools for Excel

Kutools for Excel is a downloadable suite designed to simplify, automate and expand the features and functions of Microsoft Excel. Kutools integrates with Microsoft Office 2007 and on, and Office 365.
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Kutools for Outlook

Kutools for Outlook is an add-in suite that enhances and simplifies the functionality of Outlook. The tools include one-click automation, automatic CC and BCC, easy auto-reply management and more.
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Kutools for Word

Kutools for Word is an add-in suite that expands and automates many of the time-consuming and repeated operations in Microsoft Word.
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