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FreshAddress, Inc.

Newton, Massachusetts, United States
Company Overview
Since 1999, FreshAddress®, an email marketing intelligence company, has helped companies drive revenues by building, updating, segmenting, and cleaning their email lists. FreshAddress offers patented Email Change of Address (ECOA), Email and Postal Appending, SafeToSend® Email Validation, and Email Scoring in addition to customer lifecycle, acquisition, and optimization solutions. Hundreds of leading companies have entrusted their customer and donor databases to FreshAddress, including 25% of the Fortune 100 and many leading nonprofits. FreshAddress's services are also offered through numerous partner channels, including ESPs, digital marketing agencies, data solutions providers, and email marketers. FreshAddress is based in Newton, MA.
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Products and Services

Email Append and Name and Postal Append

Email Append appends guaranteed deliverable opt-in email addresses to your customer postal database. Name and Postal Append appends name and postal addresses to your customer email database.
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Email Change of Address (ECOA)

Updates bouncing and inactive email addresses with guaranteed deliverable opt-in email addresses of your customers, donors, and subscribers.
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Free List Check

Free List Check is a email hygiene tool that lets marketers quickly assess the health of their email lists. Marketers can use it to check their email lists for problems that ruin their email marketing ROI.
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FreshAddress Facebook Audience Connector

FreshAddress Audience Connector helps you reach more Facebook users by converting your existing email and direct mail customer or prospect databases into targetable custom audiences on Facebook. FreshAddress Audience Connector uses our patented Email Change of Address (ECOA) technology to connect a user’s current email address with the one they used to sign up for Facebook.
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List Guard

Monitors your customer email database to catch good email addresses when they go bad (i.e. get converted to spamtraps, become heavy spam complainers, etc.).
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Cleans, corrects, and validates the deliverability of email addresses, thereby maximizing your email ROI.
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