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Give by Cell

San Francisco, California, United States
Company Overview
Give By Cell is a mobile fundraising solution provider.
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Products and Services

Call to Donate

Call to Donate is a donation solution for prospective donors who are not as comfortable with text messaging, but are at events where they wish to donate. People can call a local number, enter their credit card information and how much they wish to donate, and the funds are credited to your existing merchant account. The organization is able to utilize reports to track funds and manage donor relations.
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Mobile Donate

Mobile Donate allows supporters to donate any dollar amount by texting in a keyword — or scanning a QR code — to receive a link to a mobile-friendly donation page. Funds are deposited directly into an organization’s merchant account and the organization is able to utilize reports to track funds and manage donor relations.
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Mobile Give

Mobile Give is our automated text-based donation service, exclusively for non-profit organizations. Donors text your organization’s unique keyword to a designated short code to make a donation ($5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, $40 or $50 for onetime payments, $5, $10 or $25 for recurring payments). Thanks to a partnership with the Mobile Giving Foundation, the donation only takes 30 seconds to make and is charged to the donor’s cell phone bill.
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Mobile Pledge

Mobile Pledge is a donation solution for live events. With Mobile Pledge, donors text in the amount they are pledging to donate. Our text message system captures the amount pledged, time and date, and the donor’s cell phone number. Your organization collects the funds from donors either at the event or a few days after the event.
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Screencasting is a fundraising thermometer for live events. Each text (which contains the donor’s name, donation amount, and even an encouraging message) can appear on a giant screen at your event. The interactive thermometer will rise as the donations come in while the digital clock ticks down to encourage donors to hurry and text in their donation to ultimately reach your goal.
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