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Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Company Overview
Innoloft builds a leading B2B tech ecosystem enabled by interconnected business networks & marketplaces.
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Products and Services

LoftOS Communities

LoftOS Communities is a plug and play B2B platform for the digital community management of clusters, hubs, accelerators and associations. Leverage your platform as a complete digital solution to manage your business community.
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LoftOS Industry Marketplaces

LoftOS Industry Marketplaces is a plug and play digital B2B marketplace for individual industries and verticals. LoftOS enables you to showcase your B2B market, from suppliers and buyers to their individual offers and requests.
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LoftOS Public Sector

LoftOS Public Sector is a plug and play B2B platform for economic development. LoftOS enables you to showcase your B2B ecosystem, from stakeholders and their organisations to their individual solutions and partnering needs.
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LoftOS Research Transfer

LoftOS Research Transfer is a plug and play platform to commercialize your technologies by connecting them with leading industry champions. LoftOS enables you to showcase your research: from projects and results to industry partnering needs. Create value for your research and industry partners with modern B2B networking tools and access to a large shared business network that includes thousands of potential industry partners.
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