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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Company Overview
inWhatLanguage specializes in innovative language technology products and services, helping global brands localize content, documents and marketing materials in over 160 languages. The Salt Lake City-based company helps enterprises succeed and engage global communities by allowing them to create, control and manage all of their multilingual assets through a proprietary cloud-based translation management system (TMS) called UNIFY.
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Products and Services


UNIFY is a translation management cloud solution that allows users to translate and localize documents, websites, software, mobile applications, and more. With UNIFY, it’s easy to automate and manage your translation and localization projects in one place, resulting in substantial cost savings, higher quality, and much faster time to market. UNIFY also offers automatic solutions for video and media content transformation including transcription, closed captioning, multilingual subtitling, voice over, and dubbing – across all technology platforms. With a centralized translation memory database, there are no fees for repeat content that has already been translated – all of which provides significant long-term savings and quality improvements.
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