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Norkon Computing Systems

Oslo, Norway
Company Overview
Norkon Computing Systems help publishers and media groups engage their readers in new ways by providing solutions for digital transformation. Our solutions for advanced real time analytics, visualization, and publishing allows publishers to strengthen their subscription strategy, conversion rates, retention, and ultimately add new sources of revenue.
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Products and Services

Live Center

Live Center is a flexible live blogging solution that give you full control of the live blog's design and comes with a powerful and intuitive editor. The solution allows you to create custom post visuals and elements such as scoreboards, election result counters, etc., and the ability to create interactive graphs and charts directly in the editor to create richer content for your feed. Blogs are quickly embedded in articles, news portals, in apps, or on front pages.
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Pulse is a real-time financial news platform that strengthens a publisher's digital brand and provides them with a digital solution that helps to convert readers into paying subscribers. Built with state of the art real-time technology, Pulse processes large amounts of streaming data continuously, placing your readers ahead of the curve. Exciting tools built on this infrastructure, such as stock alerts and explore, will keep them coming back for more. By merging financial data with journalistic insight, readers get a complete service for following the financial markets.
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