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Aventura, Florida, United States
Company Overview
Queentessence bridges tomorrow’s connected world with today's state-of-the-art reality. At a time of momentous societal shifts, with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning (ML) speeding our learning curve, big data information is collated and aggregated. Once processed and analyzed, this information is used commonly by retail venues and customers alike, to engage bilaterally in a fully compliant GDPR journey. Synergies from psychographics, IoT sensors, and WIFI Guest Access are aggregated, inextricably linking our digital lives to that of our physical being.
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Products and Services


Andromeda is a universal Cloud-Based Platform from which big data million line entries are aggregated and curated. Sensors, Psychographics, and WiFi Guest Access become omnichannel data points of entry. Scrutinized gateways allow the collection of large amounts of data funneled towards in-house algorithms processing. This output provides additional feedback and perspective used for operational decision-making process. KPIs can be sent periodically to a customized multiple recipient lists facilitating internal discussions.
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Miami based Queentessence tech startup determined to disrupt foreign firms

Queentessence demystifies and facilitates digitalization initiatives.

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