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San Francico, California, United States
Company Overview
RichRelevance is a leader in omnichannel personalization. Their flagship platform is used by more than 175 multinational companies to create a data-centric, single view of the shopper, delivering the most relevant experiences across web, mobile and in-store.
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Products and Services

Deep Recommendations

Deep Recommendations is a set of advanced personalization technologies to recommend products to consumers. Deep Recommendations does not need to leverage historical data to recommend products, but serves up visually similar or matching products while the customer shops.
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RichRelevance Build

RichRelevance Build services provide instant access to API-based personalization tools to manage and route data from any source and integrate personalization into any application.
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RichRelevance Discover

RichRelevance Discover is a product recommendation solution that personalizes search and browse on any site or app.
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RichRelevance Engage

RichRelevance Engage maps individual shopper behavior, enabling marketers to personalize campaigns that deliver relevant content. Target content based on new or returning users, geolocation, referring URL, behavior, time of day, type of device, and browser language.
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RichRelevance Recommend

RichRelevance Recommend collects data and uses a powerful machine-learning engine to select the most relevant, data-driven product recommendations for each customer interaction, across all touchpoints—web, mobile, email, in-store and call center.
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