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Netanya, Illinois, United States
Company Overview
Sixgill is a worldwide leading cyber threat intelligence vendor (Deep Web, Dark Web and more). Cyber intelligence is the critical missing link in today’s cybersecurity environment, providing organizations with a threat intelligence picture that allows them to focus their resources on preventing attacks, discover those already perpetrated and mitigating the damage caused by cybercrime.
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Products and Services


HyperLabel allows for smarter machine learning model creation. Accelerate time-to-training with faster, easier, high-quality labeling.
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Integrity is a data tool for verifying data authenticity via blockchain technology. Integrity allows administrators to gain access to permanent audit trails, and alerts for any data compromise. Integrity will report the veracity of any data stream, including IoT sensors emitting time-series data in any form.
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Sense is a data automation solution for sensor-informed applications. Sense saves months of programming and underpins IoT/IoE application development with a high-quality, holistic, data foundation to accelerate the successful delivery of vital sensor projects.
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Sense Vision

Sense Vision a is powerful decision automation solution for IoT video data. Sense Vision combines new and existing capabilities in Sixgill Sense allowing for unified, high-performing video data management, collection, and automation. Camera data is ingested via the Sense Vision Data Pipeline and prepared for deep learning and analysis. Sense Vision processes and enriches live video data with existing or custom ML classifications, object recognition or entity extraction models. Sense Vision features the breakthrough Sense Vision Positioning System (VPS) for object location and movement tracking without the need for external mapping data or instrumenting of assets that are tracked. The enterprise can now extensively deploy cameras for operating efficiencies, safety and asset intelligence without imposing the privacy violations and pernicious errors of facial recognition.
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