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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Company Overview
SkyPrep Inc. provides integrated corporate e-learning solutions to help top companies facilitate online training and knowledge sharing in their organizations.
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Products and Services


BoostHQ is a file sharing platform for enabling employees to share, centralize, and discuss your organization's knowledge. Let subject matter experts share your organization's knowledge, such as PDFs and videos that employees need at work. Create a centralized resource library by easily sharing useful learning material to employees. Organize your content by Groups, Categories, and Tags. BoostHQ smart search makes content accessible for the time of need. Allow employees to share their thoughts and experiences, capturing and retaining their knowledge for future reference. Identify the knowledge gaps in your organization by extracting reports and analytics from BoostHQ.
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SkyPrep LMS

SkyPrep is a learning management platform that enables enterprises to offer corporate training for onboarding, workforce training for knowledge building and for compliance. SkyPrep includes robust course and content management, and allows trainers to use nearly any file to build a course.
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