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Singapore, Singapore
Company Overview
SmartPesa is a company that powers smart transactions with its mobile platform and blockchain capabilities.
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Products and Services


Credible is a blockchain network for business credit data. Credible is the only global distributed ledger to store business credit data on the blockchain in a way that disrupts the incumbent credit bureaus and inefficient loan processes.
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SmartPesa is a mobile based SAAS platform that packages a fully functional cryptocurrency and chip card payment system that also acts as a mini-ATM; it enables micro-finance, insurance, government distributions, remittance and all other transactions usually done at ATM's or branches. Merchant enjoy a single simple interface and terminal to perform all their electronic transactions while SmartPesa drives financial inclusion by allowing the range of the formal banking network to extend into rural areas. Fully secure and certified with chip&PIN, magstripe, contactless, QR and cryptocurrency capabilities.
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