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Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Company Overview
With offices in Boston, Tampa, and London, Validity is a leading global provider of a data integrity and compliance offerings that thousands of organizations worldwide rely on to trust their data.
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Products and Services


BriteVerify Email Verification ensures that an email address actually exists in real-time without ever sending a message. The Email Verification API can be added in minutes to anywhere you collect customer data. From web forms to landing pages, from mobile devices to Point-of-Sale systems (POS), BriteVerify instantly validates the emails you collect.
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DemandTools is a global data quality tool thousands of Salesforce administrators trust. With its feature-rich data quality toolset, you can use DemandTools to cleanse, standardize, compare records, and more.
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DemandTools Elements

DemandTools Elements is a cloud-based solution that allows businesses to easily dedupe data within Salesforce, and enables teams to operate efficiently with trustworthy data. DemandTools Elements provides a dashboard view that gives users the ability to control how duplicates are identified and how each field value is handled. They can also easily find and merge duplicate records in standard and custom objects with advanced matching algorithms, custom master record selection, and field level data retention rules.
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DupeBlocker is a real-time integrated duplication blocker for Salesforce administrators. DupeBlocker integrates within your existing Salesforce workflow to prevent duplicates.
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Everest is an email marketing platform offering marketers full control of all stages of email marketing: pre-send prep and creation, in-flight optimization, and post-send monitoring. Tools within Everest enable marketers to verify the addresses aren’t dead, wrong, or dangerous before mailing them, protecting sender reputation.
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Everest Elements

Everest Elements is an email success platform geared towards helping small and medium-sized businesses access the data they need to execute engaging and effective email marketing campaigns.
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GridBuddy Connect

GridBuddy Connect is a data productivity platform that combines your data into an editable, spreadsheet-simple view so your team can get all of the insights in one place and engage confidently using the right data.
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PeopleImport provides streamlined duplicate prevention of incoming Salesforce data sets. Prevent importing duplicate or incomplete data sets into your Salesforce environment to ensure campaign data accuracy.
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Validity Sender Score

Sender Score is a destination for email marketers looking to level up their programs and deepen their sending knowledge. Sender Score toolkit of quality assessments from Validity includes free list quality checks powered by BriteVerify, deliverability benchmarking, and an email revenue calculator so senders of all sizes can assess their performance. In addition, email marketers will also be able to utilize new, free tools to streamline their daily workflows, including a subscriber list analyzer, subject line previewer, complaint monitor, and blocklist remover.
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Validity Verify

Validity Verify is real-time email validation available within Salesforce Lightning Experience. With Validity Verify, you not only have the power to clean and validate email addresses before you hit send, but the convenience of doing so right in Salesforce. With greater email accuracy, you can improve the ROI of digital campaigns, give sales teams lead data they can trust, and streamline customer communications.
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