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Zeidman Development

London, England, United Kingdom
Company Overview
Zeidman Development creates solutions for users of The Raiser’s Edge, Raiser’s Edge NXT and Blackbaud Enterprise CRM, providing powerful but user-friendly enhancements to enable optimized use of Blackbaud products.
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Products and Services

Audit Trail

Audit Trail for The Raiser’s Edge tracks to varying degrees changes that have been made to records. There are three versions of the application: Audit Trail Free, Audit Trail Basic and Audit Trail Professional.
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Chimpegration enables you to seamlessly integrate Mailchimp with Raiser’s Edge. There are three versions of the application: Chimpegration Basic, Chimpegration Professional and Chimpegration Cloud.
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IDLookup takes a list of people and looks them up in Raiser’s Edge. It can be used as a means of preparation prior to importing or simply as a way of removing existing constituents from a cold list of prospects
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Importacular allows Raiser’s Edge users to seamlessly import data from a variety of sources by directly integrating with the online applications and systems you use everyday. Use spreadsheets and .csv files without having to reformat your data. Pull details directly from sites such as Eventbrite, JustGiving and many more.
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The Mergician

The Mergician globally merges duplicate records on The Raiser’s Edge. It is simple to use and makes use of the duplication criteria that have already been configured within The Raiser’s Edge, as well as additionally making use of the email field.
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Validatrix allows you to define data entry rules in The Raiser’s Edge and decide how to deal with breaches of those rules. Validatrix can be purchased as part of the Audit Trail Pro package, working along side the ‘audit standards’ or as a stand alone plug in.
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