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Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Company Overview
Zylotech’s Self-Learning CDP provides B2B organizations with a complete, unified view of all customer data empowering cross-functional teams with greater agility, efficiency, and consistency. This approach is leading to new operational strategies that address each stage of the customer journey to meet evolving requirements. Zylotech has developed its Revenue Operations (RevOps) Framework to provide the necessary guidance for B2B organizations to meet these evolving requirements and to break through marketing, sales and customer operations silos to establish alignment across customer-facing teams. For more information please visit:
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Products and Services


Zylotech is a self-learning customer data platform that keeps your customer data live and enriched for 1:1 personalization, cross/up-selling and retention marketing. Powered by automated machine learning, the platform continuously unifies data, and enables ongoing micro-segmentation and recommendations, which can be activated through a variety of martech & adtech tools. Zylotech’s cross-industry clients have reported up to a 6x increase in customer lift.
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