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Reviews 09/29/2014

Widen Enterprises, a leading provider of software services that help marketing teams organize content, has launched Digital Asset Management (DAM) Insights, a new analytics tool for Media Collective, the company's flagship DAM solution. The analytics tool combines web and internal DAM analytics to show marketers where digital assets are published, who uses them and how they perform. Delivered in sleek new dashboards and charts, this data will help marketers improve content strategies and evaluate the ROI of videos, infographics, white papers and much more.

Unlike typical analytics, Widen's tool has the ability to track interactions and engagement inside and outside the DAM system. This means that marketers can now evaluate how coworkers and partners use assets, and they can evaluate how customers, prospects and other audience members consume the final, published content.

"Marketers are in the business of using content to increase brand visibility, tell meaningful stories and inspire people, but normally, it's hard to measure the performance of content in a holistic way," said Libby Maurer, Product Manager at Widen. "That's why we've created Insights--we're putting data in marketers' hands, helping them measure content strategy and evaluate the ROI of assets."

Media Collective's new analytics dashboards and charts answer three primary questions:

- Where will assets be used outside the DAM? Collect intended use data to track if assets are intended for social media, print brochures, blogs, storefronts, etc.

- Who will use these assets? See which DAM users download which assets. Track any event in DAM and make it reportable.

- How do assets perform? Use Widen's dynamic embed codes to track views, downloads and social media shares anywhere on the internet.

To expand on these questions, users can customize new dashboards. They can also combine and correlate DAM Insights with data from Google Analytics, content management systems (CMSs), online marketing platforms and other sources. For instance, a marketer could use Widen's analytics tool to correlate digital asset performance with ecommerce sales.

"It's too easy for social media marketers, brand managers and creative directors to invest time and budget in the wrong content," said Jake Athey, Marketing Director at Widen. "We are rethinking analytics to not just give metrics but organize them into visuals that illuminate the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in an organization's content strategy. This is for marketers who want to use data to maximize their content spend."

About Widen

Widen is a marketing technology company that powers the content that builds your brand. Leveraging cloud-based resources, Widen delivers configurable, scalable, and cost-effective digital asset management solutions to help you easily store, search and share your digital content. Organizations of all sizes use Widen's SaaS DAM solution, the Media Collective, to streamline their marketing and creative workflows and make their content work harder. Widen is trusted by hundreds of thousands of users around the world at organizations like LG, Roche, Trek, Cornell University, New Orleans Tourism Marketing, The Atlanta Falcons, Red Gold Tomatoes, Electrolux, and Yankee Candle. To learn more about Widen, go to