Reviews 03/09/2015

Averetek, (http://www.averetek.com), a global leader in channel marketing software and consulting services, today published the inaugural State of Channel Marketing 2015 report on the partners, tactics, and content used by channel partners. Averetek provides channel marketing automation software to leading brands like SAP, Cisco, Citrix, and Avalara. Averetek’s clients use the platform to enable their channel partners to plan and execute a variety of marketing campaign tactics through simple workflows that generate pipeline and revenue.

“We’ve always provided reporting to our vendor clients so they can understand every aspect of how their channel partners use our platform, but we’ve never aggregated all of the information and analyzed the entire data set until now,” said Mike Moore, VP of Channel Strategy at Averetek and the author of the report. “Channel marketers across multiple industries can use this information to establish performance targets for their channel partners, understand what content their partners really care about, and which countries represent the best growth opportunities.”

The report includes insights into the following areas:

Partner Population by Region and Partner Program Tier

Partner Churn

Partner Marketing Content Mix by Region

Popular Event Types by Region

Top 10 Most Popular Downloads by Content Type

Top 5 Most Popular Campaign Actions

Top 10 Most Popular Agency Services

“We set out to create a report that’s unlike most that I’ve seen, which tend to be based on survey data, and that profile a handful of partners,” said Peter Thomas, Averetek’s CEO. “State of the Channel reveals the activity that tens of thousands of partners performed on our platform last year, making it the most empirical data set of its type.”

The complimentary report is available at http://ideas.averetek.com/state-of-channel-marketing-2015.

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