Reviews 02/24/2016

Averetek, (https://www.averetek.com), a global leader in channel marketing automation software and consulting services, today published the second annual State of Inbound Channel Marketing 2016 report. The report summarizes the 2015 activity by thousands of channel partners around the world as they leverage the marketing tactics, content, and marketing services offered by their brand partners through the Averetek software platform.

“The response to our 2015 report was overwhelmingly positive,” said Peter Thomas, CEO of Averetek. “All brands want to know what their partners really want, and surveys are often unreliable. Modern brands rely on big data to make decisions about where to invest their marketing dollars, and with the State of Inbound Channel Marketing report, we’re proud to play a role in these decisions.”

The report includes insights into the following areas:

Partner Population by Region and Partner Program Tier

Partner Churn

Partner Marketing Content Mix by Region

Top 10 Most Popular Downloads by Content Type

Top 5 Most Popular Campaign Activities

Top 8 Most Popular Agency Services

“One of the more interesting trends in the data is the emerging connection between Inbound Marketing, the leading direct marketing methodology developed by HubSpot, and Channel Marketing,” said Mike Moore, VP of Channel Strategy at Averetek. “Channel Marketing has always been behind the times. Modern buyers want to learn first and buy later. The approach we take as marketers must respect the needs of buyers and provide them with what they want, when and how they want it. Inbound Marketing, with some modifications to make the connection to Channel Marketing, becomes Inbound Channel Marketing, a framework that brands can use to modernize their approach to drive more leads and deals for their partners.”

“I’m impressed by the work that Averetek has done to identify the connection between the Inbound Marketing methodology and Channel Marketing,” said Shaun Crimmins, Channel Account Manager at HubSpot. “By leveraging their channel expertise and using their experience gained in the HubSpot Partner Program, Averetek is pioneering a new application of Inbound Marketing. Inbound Channel Marketing represents an exciting opportunity for brands and their channel partners to build deeper connections with prospects and drive more pipeline.”

The complimentary report is available at http://www.StateofInboundChannelMarketing.com.

A webcast presentation of the report will be held on March 10, 2016 at 1:00 PM Eastern / 10:00 AM Pacific. More information is available at http://www.StateofInboundChannelMarketing.com/webcast.

About Averetek

Averetek is the largest provider of channel marketing automation software in the world with 239,000 users from 59,000 channel partner organizations in 195 countries. Averetek is the partner-led demand generation engine for leading brands like SAP, Google, Citrix, Splunk, FireEye, and Avalara. Averetek’s clients use the platform to enable their channel partners to plan and execute a variety of marketing campaign tactics through simple workflows that generate pipeline and revenue.

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