Bitly Enterprise
Reviews 07/11/2017

Just when you think you’ve perfected the mobile experience for your customers, an iOS, Android or Facebook update throws a wrench into your current flow. Many times these updates will make for a more streamlined customer experience, but they make it harder for brands to have full control and visibility into what’s really happening across their mobile ecosystem.

Bitly Enterprise has long given you the ability to deliver your mobile customers to exactly the right app or mobile web page. But now, we’ve made our links smart enough to keep up with the latest platform updates and standards (so you don’t have to). We’re giving you full visibility into the mobile metrics you care about, and the setup is a snap.

Coupled with our recent release of the new Mobile Optimizer, today’s update lets you “set and forget” your domain to automatically generate the latest, greatest, most customizable links for mobile. Plus, your mobile engagement and app install metrics are fully visible for each and every link.


In conjunction, Bitly made a major corporate announcement today of a $63M growth investment from Spectrum Equity to expand its link management platform. Read more here: