Reviews 01/30/2018

BRISTOL, UK & BOSTON, MA – JANUARY 30, 2018: GateHouse Media, one of the largest publishers of locally-based media in the United States, has extended its relationship with Customer Data Platform vendor BlueVenn, by deploying a Single Customer View (SCV) and utilizing a collection of BlueVenn services to optimize audience growth, subscriber engagement and monetization.

GateHouse has a longstanding relationship with BlueVenn and was looking for ways to leverage BlueVenn’s software to increase subscription and advertising revenue by providing more targeted offerings to subscribers, advertisers, and other partners. This required the ability to view consumers across all online and offline touchpoints, in an effort to deliver consistent, timely, relevant and personalized experiences to them.

The implementation of the Single Customer View enables GateHouse Media to unify its online and offline subscriber data sources into a reliable, consolidated view of each customer. This gives the company a deeper understanding of customer behavior, as well as the ability to develop accurate metrics to measure the performance of various customer initiatives.

In particular, GateHouse Media wanted the ability to probe deeper than the traditional household level, to build learnings and understanding of its subscribers at an individual level.

By merging five of its data systems into the BlueVenn SCV, GateHouse will have the ability to track its customer base across print subscriptions and key digital channels such as email campaigns and online interactions.

“BlueVenn SCV gives us the ability to create digital marketing strategies for multiple people in each household,” said Irina Platonova, Director of Consumer Sales and Marketing at GateHouse Media. “More importantly, we can now track how anonymous web users convert into prospects, understand who those prospects are, and gauge the likelihood of them subscribing or consuming our services. This allows us to deliver integrated, one-on-one communication with our customers with the right message at the right time, through traditional or digital marketing channels.”

“Through the implementation of a Single Customer View and our range of LEAP Media Solutions audience engagement services, GateHouse has the tools to meet its business objectives,” said BlueVenn President Curt Bloom. “This includes creating personalized content, and the ability to develop and maximize the value of behavioral-based customer segments across the business. We’re delighted to add even more value to our already beneficial partnership.”


GateHouse Media supports small to mid-size communities by providing locally-focused print and digital content to consumers and premier marketing and technology solutions for small and medium businesses partners. The Company is one of the largest publishers of locally based print and online media in the United States as measured by its 130 daily publications. As of September 2017, GateHouse operates in over 540 markets across 36 states and its portfolio of over 600 community publications and 540 websites serve more than 225,000 business customers and reach over 21 million people on a weekly basis.


BlueVenn provide multi-channel campaign management software to over 400 clients around the world, enabling marketing teams to quickly and easily analyze their customers, executing campaigns and customer journeys across all available channels.

As a Customer Data Platform, the BlueVenn browser-based tool collects, structures and analyzes infinite data sources into a Single Customer View. This empowers everyday marketers to orchestrate real-time, personalized, multi-channel customer journeys and campaigns.

BlueVenn has headquarters in the US and the UK, serving clients in 15 countries. For more information, visit

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