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Reviews 04/23/2019

We (Excelsior Research) always aimed to deliver a complete business solution to the industry. Presently we are providing various services in the market research industry, such as Primary market research, Secondary market research, Report writing, Content syndication, Lead generation, Demand generation, E-mail marketing, Digital Marketing, Online Panel Building & Events/Webinar registrations. Still, we are focusing on achieving our ultimate goal of becoming a full-service market research company.

Achieving that goal means providing one stop solution to our clients & helping them to achieve ultimate success with tremendous results.

Today, we are happy to announce that we have achieved one huge milestone in the journey of becoming "full-service market research Company" by acquiring CYBER AGE RESEARCH, a Bangalore based online sampling company with 10+ years of experience in the research industry.

CYBER AGE RESEARCH is one of the leading companies which is providing emerging technology solutions & sample solutions globally, with a one-stop technological solution for helping clients to reach out to 10 million+ consumer & business audiences. Earlier in January 2019, Excelsior Research has been awarded as one of the “10 Highly Recommended Market Research Companies in 2019” by Insight Success magazine. Started back in January 2015 Excelsior Research with a team of six passionate & hard-working people picked up the pace in early stage & now already surpassed many market giants in terms of business growth, client acquisition & market presence.

In 2018 Excelsior Research stepped into the market intelligence reports distribution market with Excell Reports. Excell Reports is a leading distributor platform with more than 50,000 reports database & 40+ premium research report publishers.

In words of Mr. Abhishek Shinde (CEO of Excelsior Research) “The Market needs the one stop solution to all of its market research related requirements & we started by aiming the same goal of becoming the full service market research company” he further adds “It is not easy to deliver excellent results in working with different clients but we have achieved it with the help of energetic & highly motivated team.”

In 2017 Excelsior Research achieved the goal of 1Million gross revenue & now aims to cross 10 Million by 2022.

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