Bloom Intelligence Restaurant Marketing Platform
Reviews 12/14/2022

Bloom Intelligence, a leading restaurant marketing and customer data platform unveiled its automated restaurant reputation management tool, allowing restaurateurs to dramatically increase and improve online ratings and reviews which directly impacts revenue positively.

Users can directly integrate Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Trip Advisor into their Bloom’s restaurant marketing and customer data platform. When a guest leaves a rating or review on these sites, it is also sent directly to the Bloom platform where users can see, manage, and respond to ratings in real-time - all in one easy-to-use platform.

Bloom customers can send automated emails to their guests who recently visited or ordered online to request reviews on Facebook or Google or ask for direct feedback.

Included is an artificial intelligence-driven customer sentiment word cloud that lets users easily see positive, neutral, and negative customer sentiment. This is combined with detailed reporting and automation that saves Bloom customers 5-20 hours a week. It gives restaurants an edge over their competitors by providing them with valuable insights into what guests really think about their food and service while saving operators time and labor to manage their reputation management.

"We're excited to offer this innovative solution to restaurateurs," said CEO of Bloom Intelligence, Will Wilson. "In today's competitive restaurant industry, it is essential for restaurants to create a systematic process to request and manage reviews that ultimately results in new guests. By adding this functionality to the Bloom restaurant marketing and customer data platform we are providing another tool with our platform to increase their revenue and consolidate tech into one platform.”

About Bloom Intelligence: Bloom Intelligence is a restaurant marketing and customer data platform that provides guest insights, WiFi marketing, and reputation management to find new guests and turn all guests into regulars. Tech that bridges guest interactions to insights to results.

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