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CabinetM SkillStacks™ Enables Marketers To Showcase Digital Marketing Specialization and Proficiency

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New Tool Simplifies Cataloging, Recruiting of Specialized Skills

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CabinetM, a marketing technology discovery and management platform, today announced SkillStacks, a new tool that digital marketers can use to build personal marketing technology stacks for showcasing their marketing technology expertise. CabinetM SkillStacks helps ambitious marketers differentiate themselves in a market that is rapidly moving from generic job titles to an industry of specialists.


“With the shift to digital, marketing has become an increasingly technical function, making it imperative that marketers showcase their specialized technology competence alongside their marketing skills in any job search,” said Anita Brearton, CEO of CabinetM. “SkillStacks offers a visual way to easily communicate proficiency with a personal technology stack that can be appended to resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and shared with colleagues and prospective employers.”

According to the 2016 “State of Marketing” Research report, which surveyed nearly 4,000 marketing leaders, marketers will spend 75% of their budget on digital programs by 2021. By leveraging CabinetM’s directory of over 5000 tools, digital marketers can now build a comprehensive view of the technology they use, annotated with how, and how well, they use it.

SkillStacks Lets Marketers:

“In the competitive landscape of marketing talent, SkillStacks allows me to use my technology expertise as a key advantage,” said Katie Martell, a B2B technology marketer. “I use it to compile and share the tools I am trained in, showcase my specific expertise, and match my skills with a company's needs.”

SkillStack Lets Enterprises:

By asking team members to share their personal stacks, CMOs can use CabinetM to easily keep track and manage expertise across the organization in support of their overall marketing technology stack and plan.

SkillStack Lets Recruiters:

Generalized marketing titles and traditional resumes don’t intuitively convey the necessary technology skill competencies that companies are looking for, and it is becoming more difficult for enterprises and recruiters to identify the right candidates at a glance for what is becoming an increasingly specialized field.

“When hiring marketing talent today, it is essential to fully understand the depth and breadth of their skill set, specifically their ability to work with the spectrum of digital tools now available. A marketers’ ability to select the best tools and use them effectively is essential to running a highly competitive and sustainable consumer or B2B business,” said Paula Weiner, President of Weiner & Associates, Executive Search. “SkillStacks, a new product from CabinetM, enables me to quickly assess candidates’ technology and skill match for the position, and spend more time focusing on the job and company fit, along with the candidates’ ability to drive results, while managing ROI.”

SkillStacks is the third product CabinetM has brought to market since launching the company in November 2015. CabinetM’s other products include the industry’s largest database of more than 5,000 marketing technology solutions, indexed across 100s of categories, and MyStacks, the first platform dedicated to building and managing enterprise marketing technology stacks. CabinetM’s basic subscription is currently free to marketing professionals, agencies and marketing technology companies.

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About CabinetM

CabinetM helps modern marketing teams build, manage and optimize their marketing technology suite in a rapidly transforming digital marketing environment. The CabinetM platform enables full lifecycle support around digital tool discovery, qualification, implementation and management by individual marketers, teams, and throughout enterprise organizations. For more information, please visit

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About CabinetM

CabinetM was founded by two marketing industry veterans that identified a disconnect between the way MarTech companies promote and sell their products and how marketing professionals acquire information and purchase marketing tools. Putting their combined experience to work, they created CabinetM to enable discovery, workflow and extended networks for the marketing industry. For more information, please visit


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