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New CabinetM SkillStack Features Make it Easy to Align Team Technology Skills with Technology Stacks

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Enterprises now have complete visibility of technical proficiency, skill gaps and training needs across their marketing and sales organizations

Boston, Mass., May 7, 2020 – CabinetM Inc., the technology management platform for marketing and sales operations, today released a new suite of SkillStack features that make it easy to align internal technology proficiency with the technology being used and considered across the organization. The new SkillStack features enable enterprise organizations to look across their teams and identify areas of technical strength, pinpoint skill gaps, and assess how well team skills are aligned with the company’s marketing and sales technology plans.  

CabinetM SkillStacks is a visual technology resume configurator that marketing and sales teams use to document experience, proficiency, and certification information for every product they use.  Once built, SkillStacks are shared via a custom URL with peers, management, and recruiters and, embedded within a LinkedIn profile to augment a person’s business profile. The basic configurator is free to any registered user.

The newly released enterprise SkillStack features enable companies to consolidate individual SkillStack information and:

The new features also allow companies the option of inviting team members into their CabinetM account to build SkillStacks, or simply manage the process through CSV uploads.

In November, 2019 Scott Brinker of, published data from Gartner’s Marketing Technology Survey 2019 report showing that three of the top five impediments to MarTech success were people related. Specifically:

#1 — Investing in training and upskilling existing MarTech talent 

#3 — Identifying and recruiting marketing technology talent 

#4 --- Identifying the optimal team structure, process, or workflows to unlock value from new marketing technology.

“One of the key reasons that marketing technology fails to perform is poor utilization due to lack of technology skills,” said, Anita Brearton, Founder and CEO of CabinetM. “With technology consuming more than 25% of the marketing budget, and essential to achieving marketing objectives, lack of skills can completely derail marketing success.  In the same way that marketing leaders need to understand the technology they are using, they need to understand their teams’ technology skills. CabinetM’s Enterprise SkillStacks make it easy to catalog, align, and manage technology skills across the organization.”


Availability and Covid-19

CabinetM’s new enterprise SkillStack features are available now to new users as a separate module of the CabinetM Enterprise Cabinet. In response to the Covid-19 crisis, CabinetM is providing free access to the platform until the end of June so marketing leaders can take advantage of CabinetM’s enterprise functionality and these new features to document technology in use and the skills of their organization. With a complete view of skill proficiency, managers can identify online training programs for each employee to ensure that team skills are aligned with technology direction and that the organization is prepared for whatever economic climate lies ahead.  

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About CabinetM

CabinetM helps modern marketing and sales teams manage the technology they have and find the tools they need. The CabinetM marketing technology management platform enables full lifecycle support around technology discovery, qualification, implementation and management, providing critical visibility and leverage to save time, money and drive revenue.  The company has built the industry’s most comprehensive database of over 14,000 marketing tools, and currently has the largest set of marketing stack data as a result of hundreds of marketing stacks that have built and are being managed on the platform. For additional information:; @cabinetm1


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