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Image Advertising tools enable brands to advertise within image searches, pushing brand logos or branded images to the top of end-users' results. Tools in this category may include contextual targeting so image ads appear in the search results of customers most ready to buy.

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EyeSee is a video and image monetization solution. It features innovative proprietary technology that uses computer vision and pattern recognition to place ads in a non-intrusive way inside videos or images, following the most advanced AI and machine...
By Imgur
Imgur is a growing online image sharing community that's particularly popular with young men ages 18-30. Imgur offers advertisers a native format called Promoted Posts. A Promoted Post is a full-page canvas that looks just like any other Imgur page f...
Unsplash for Business is an advertising platform that enables brands to push their branded images to the top of search results on the free Unsplash photo platform. Brands working with Unsplash get prominent placement in relevant searches, as well as ...
Vibrant InImage provides display ads that overlay editorial images without disrupting the editorial experience. These immersive placements are contextually targeted and relevant to the images users care about in that very moment.
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