Multi-Channel and Multi-Screen Advertising

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Multi-Channel and Multi-Screen Advertising tools enable the delivery and measurement of campaigns across channels and devices.

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BridgeTrack gives marketers the ability to manage and optimize campaigns and communication strategies across multiple online channels.
By DeltaX
DeltaX is a cross-channel digital advertising platform designed to help agencies and advertisers buy, track, attribute, optimize and report media across Search, Social, Display, Mobile and Video ads. The cloud-based platform supports in 34 languages.
By Sonobi
JetStream is an advertising platform that allows brands, agencies, and publishers to efficiently work together leveraging multiple data sources to forecast and create opportunities to reach real consumers with quality media across sites, devices, bro...
Nanigans is multi channel automation software. It is a subscription-based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product designed to automate and scale campaigns across today’s most valuable digital channels. The software automates customer acquisition and rem...
QuanticMind is an advertising platform that combines machine learning, distributed cloud, and in-memory processing technologies to provide predictive advertising management capabilities for paid search, social, display, and mobile. Includes Monthly S...
By RevJet
The RevJet Creative Side Platform (CSP) is a powerful advertising management and campaign performance solution purpose-built to create, test and optimize creative ads across all channels and formats. With CSP, marketers can effortlessly see, measure ...
Sokrati is an integrated platform that effectively manages campaigns across search, display and social media digital marketing networks.
Spoutable is an advertising automation platform for both advertisers and publishers. The platform mixes various forms of promoted and native media - including content, video, display, quick links, email capture, commerce widgets - into a single place...
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