Blockchain for Supply Chain

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Blockchain is a shared, virtual ledger that can record the history of transactions that cannot be altered, offering greater security for Supply Chain platforms. Tools in this subcategory include retail tools and others.

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The ICIX Active Transparency Platform for supply chain risk management is based on a distributed network and has been tailored to the complexities of global supply chains. ICIX has been applying key blockchain design principles for over 14 years to h...
By Ternio
Lexicon is a high-speed blockchain framework for enterprise and government clients, capable of exceeding 1 million transactions per second all on chain. Lexicon can be used in high transaction environments for use cases such as supply chain transpar...
Crypto Ape offers Paxful Clone Script & Paxful Clone App to Start P2P Crypto Exchange like Paxful. Our White Label Paxful Clone Software is a 100% replica of Paxful Exchange.
sofoChain is a supply chain management solution developed by Sofocle, based on Blockchain technology which helps to identify the provenance of a product and track and trace of a product in the global supply chain. sofoChain creates a digital passport...
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